Licitus (or licit in English) is the opposite of illicit and thus is Latin for allowed, permitted or legal. We picked the name because we are focused on helping our clients focus on the needs of their customers and connecting with them in a way that will promote engagement and a long term partnership. We help our clients optimize their messaging and sales process, provide guidance for hiring and coaching a superior sales team, and assist them in selecting and improving the way they and their teams use sales and marketing systems and technologies. In short, we help our clients uncover and create approaches that result in more revenue with greater predictability and certainty.

Let us show you how

Some of our services:

Product Marketing / Messaging Expertise

Perhaps you have a new product or a product that has had some success, but your message just doesn't seem to be connecting with enough of your prospective customers. Many new and early stage companies have mountains of domain and system expertise, but not the skill to translate its value into something your target user can understand and care about. Licitus can help you create that message. 

Quick Start Revenue Generation

Sometimes the allure of developing just one more "killer feature" for your product or leveraging the latest marketing fad gets in the way of the fact that revenue is often more about a head-down single minded focus on closing business than anything else your team can do. Licitus can help your team focus on the money, where it come from, and how to close more deals. 

 Sales & Marketing Alignment

Marketing creates messaging and content but sales doesn't use them; saying they are inappropriate, too hard to use, or just inconvenient. Or everything seems to be working after a fashion, but bottom line revenue just isn't growing. Sometimes it just takes a different approach  to define, hone, and bake in a repeatable, scalable sales and marketing process. Licitus has been there and can help.
CRMs, Marketing Automation, More... 

There is now a plethora of systems you can use to improve, scale, and manage your sales and marketing process. But is yours paying dividends or simply wasting time? Licitus understands that conundrum and has the knowledge and expertise to help you make your systems work the way they should work -- and in a manner you can manage on your own going forward. We can show you how.